Changing Career to a C1 Driver

There is more than one type of driver’s licence in the UK. While most of us are content with the standard class B driver’s licence to get us from A to Z, there are certain professions that require you to be able to drive a heavier vehicle. Whether you want to make deliveries for a distribution company or become an ambulance technician, you need to prove that you can handle the larger vehicles demanded by the job.

Portrait of a cheerful delivery driver in uniform looking out the window of the white cargo van vahicle, delivering goods

If you’re ready to become a professional driver, you need your commercial C1 driving licence.

Why Become a Professional Driver?

There are plenty of reasons to become a C1 driver. For starters, it opens up windows of opportunity for you within a wide range of industry sectors. More than that, the sort of jobs that require a C1 licence tend to be rewarding, both financially and personally. C1 driver jobs promise long hours on the road, which is an attractive prospect in itself. They also offer good remuneration, since more and more companies are looking for qualified drivers in the UK.

Happy African American delivery woman driving a van.

A Life On The Road

Professional drivers spend most of their working days travelling from one location to the next. That gives you plenty of time to listen to your favourite music or podcast, or catch up on your reading with a good audiobook. You find yourself in new places around the UK on a day-to-day basis, meeting new people, stopping off at services, and so on. If you’re looking to join the airport travel or private hire industry, you also get to chat with different clients every day, all while getting paid handsomely for the job!

Types of C1 Driver Jobs

One of the first professions that people think of when talking about C1 vehicles is that of ambulance technician or paramedic, and this is certainly one of the most popular career paths for our successful students. However, the C1 driver’s licence covers all manner of vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. These are just some of the careers you can aim for once you pass your C1 exams…

distribution company driver
ambulance technician
food services

…and so much more.

What Do I Need for My C1 Licence?

Getting your C1 licence is much like getting your standard driver’s licence, in that you will need to pass both a theory and a practical exam to prove yourself capable of handling C1 driver jobs. Before you become a C1 driver, you will need to be over the age of 18 and already have your class B drivers licence (the standard UK car licence).

If you earned your class B driver’s licence before January 1997, you automatically have C1 entitlement included with your acquired rights, so you are not legally required to take any additional exams.

The process of obtaining your C1 licence falls into four parts:

LGV Medical Assessment
Apply for Provisional C1 Entitlement
Theory Tests (hazard perception and multiple-choice)
Practical Training and Examination

There’s a lot to consider before attempting to earn your licence, but, fortunately for you, GJM School of Motoring is here to help you every step of the way.

Become a C1 Driver With GJM School of Motoring

When you take your C1 driving lessons with GJM School of Motoring, you don’t just get the practical experience of driving a C1 vehicle with one of our instructors. We provide all our students with a full support package. Yes, we teach you how to drive a C1 vehicle, but we also help you fill in your application, revise for your theory tests, and so much more.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you pass your exam, either. We work with a network of trusted local companies that can offer further training to get you the C1 driver jobs you’ve always wanted.

Get In Touch

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