Is Your Licence Holding You Back?

Studying to become an ambulance paramedic involves learning a lot of essential medical skills. You will ultimately be working on the front lines of emergency response, delivering life-saving treatment to patients in their hour of need. Of all the crucial skills you will develop for the role, perhaps the most important is being able to get to and from the scene of an accident or trauma quickly and safely. It’s here that many would-be paramedics or ambulance drivers can come unstuck, particularly if the lack of a C1 licence is holding them back.

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What Is a C1 Licence?

A C1 driving licence is a legal requirement for driving rigid vehicles that weigh up to 7.5 tonnes (as well as a trailer of up to 750 kg, though this doesn’t apply to ambulance drivers). The C1 licence is earned in addition to your regular driving licence, and you cannot legally operate an ambulance or other large vehicle without it.

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Changes to the Law

Anyone who passed their driving test prior to 1997 has an automatic entitlement to drive a C1 vehicle. Of course, that means that the youngest drivers who currently hold that entitlement will be at least 42 years old. Unless you’re a mature student, the odds are likely that any would-be paramedic will need to obtain their C1 licence before they can legally drive an ambulance.


More Than Just a Slip of Paper

Getting your C1 driver’s licence is a complicated business. Apart from having to undertake practical driving lessons and pass your examinations (including a two-part Theory test as well as the driving test), there are various other requirements. You are obliged to take a medical examination to prove you are physically capable of handling a larger and heavier vehicle like an ambulance. There is also a fair bit of paperwork involved between you and the DVLA.

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Pass Your C1 Licence Test with GJM School of Motoring

Here at the GJM School of Motoring, we do more than just sit you behind the wheel and teach you how to operate a C1 vehicle. We also help you with the associated paperwork and signpost you towards the various other hurdles you need to pass. Once you have passed your examinations, we can even
put you in touch with other companies that can provide you with additional training and help you secure a full-time position as a professional driver.

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Don’t Let Your Licence Hold You Back

If you want to make the most of a potential career in the ambulance service, a C1 licence is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to the role. Let the GJM School of Motoring help you progress in your chosen profession. Fill out the form below, send us an email to info@gjmsom.co.uk, or call us on 01942 466 309 to see what we can do for you.

Alternatively, if you already know that a C1 licence is the right next step for you, why not book one of our C1 licence courses online, today.