HGV/LGV Courses in the North West

Many of us have dreamed, at one time or another, about living the life of a lorry driver. With the demand for qualified HGV and LGV drivers at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to make that dream a reality.

At GJM School of Motoring, we offer a comprehensive range of LGV lessons and HGV lessons at our bespoke training facility in Atherton. We welcome drivers from Leigh, Bolton, Wigan, across Greater Manchester and the North West who are looking to upgrade their driving skills and improve their employment opportunities.

In addition to HGV and LGV courses, we also offer CAT C lessons and CAT CE lessons, carefully tailored to comply with all existing road safety regulations.

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What Is an LGV Licence and an HGV Licence

While you’ve probably encountered both of these terms, in the UK and Europe, there’s not really any difference between the two. Both a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) and a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) licence allow you to drive a lorry weighing more than 3500 kg (or 7716 lbs). Beyond that, there are different categories of licence that determine the specific size and type of vehicle you can drive.

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Career Opportunities

Lorry drivers are in higher demand now than ever before, meaning there’s never been a better time to get your HGV or LGV licence. These are just some of the exciting careers that it can open up for you:
Young truck driver is with his vehicle at daytime

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Moving Goods

Online retailers like Amazon and mail delivery firms like Evri all need drivers to move their orders to and from the warehouses and their customers’ addresses. Since the pandemic, there has been a massive surge in online sales, leading to a huge demand for delivery drivers across the UK.

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Fuel Tankers

Fuel tankers are an essential part of the UK’s road infrastructure. Without their drivers transporting fuel from refineries to petrol stations across Britain, the nation would soon grind to a halt. To qualify as a fuel tanker driver—a role that offers £56,000 a year on average—you will need an up-to-date Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and a Digital Tachograph Card (or DigiCard).

Long vehicle truck with tank trailer on a highway.
Semi-truck with cargo trailer driving on highway hauling goods in evening. Delivery transportation

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Food Deliveries

As a food delivery driver, you are responsible for getting fresh and frozen produce from warehouses and shipping depots to a wide range of destinations. These include shops, schools, hotels, care homes, pubs, bars, restaurants, and more. You may be required to haul a refrigerator or freezer container, and you will be expected to know how to monitor the temperature of these. This is another job that’s in high demand, with a typical annual salary of around £39,000.

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What Is Driver CPC?

The Driver CPC (or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, to give it its full name) is a safety measure introduced in 2008 under a European Union directive. It is a process of continual development and improvement that demonstrates a driver’s commitment to road safety, professionalism, and environmental awareness. If you want to drive an HGV or LGV and get paid for it, you will need your Driver CPC.

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HGV and LGV Driving Courses in Atherton

At GJM School of Motoring, we offer a full range of LGV and HGV courses for new and existing lorry drivers alike. Since you will already have a full driver’s licence, our courses are presented as a full package, helping you progress to your test as soon as possible. Our comprehensive courses cover the skills you will need to safely drive a lorry on UK roads, such as reaction times, visibility, consideration for other road users, and understanding the size and weight of your vehicle.

Men driver near lorry truck. Man owner truck driver near truck. Man trucker trucking owner.
Long vehicle trailer truck on a highway.

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Confidence on the Road

Attaining your HGV or LGV licence is, of course, a legal requirement for driving vehicles over 3500 kg. At GJM School of Motoring, we are committed to making you a safer and better driver. Whether you’re upgrading your existing licence or applying for a new one, we don’t just teach you practical skills. During our intensive training courses, we help you become confident behind the wheel, ensuring that every move you make on the road is the best one for your own safety and that of other drivers and pedestrians.

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Book Your Course Today

If you’ve ever wanted to be an HGV or LGV driver, then now is the time to make that dream a reality. There’s never been more opportunities for lorry drivers in the UK than there are right now, so what are you waiting for? Book your course online with GJM School of Motoring today, make your payment, and one of our experienced instructors will be in touch to get things moving.

If you have any queries or concerns, fill in the contact form below, and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

HGV/LGV Courses

All courses can be catered to the Learners availability

Cat C
(Class 2)

£ 1300
  • 4 day course
  • 16 hours 1-1 tuition
  • Reversing Practice Pad
  • 3a reversing test
  • 3b DVSA on road driving test

Cat C to CE
(Class 1)

£ 1600
  • 5 day course
  • 20 hours 1-1 tuition
  • Reversing Practice Pad
  • 3a reversing test
  • 3b DVSA on road driving test

Cat B to CE
(Car to Class 1)

£ 2339
  • 7 day course
  • 28 hours 1-1 tuition
  • Reversing Practice Pad
  • 3a reversing test
  • 3b DVSA on road driving test

HGV/LGV Starter Pack

£ 230
  • D4 Medical
  • Provisional application form and assistance
  • LGV Theory
  • LGV Hazard Perception
  • LGV Cpc Module 2 (If needed)
  • Access to online theory revision and 1-1 support

Cpc Module 4

£ 225
  • Half Day Training Session
  • Test Fee Included

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